A Glimpse into My Journey

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Not my paper and pen


When I first heard the song,

your heart was all I want.

Then you flew 10,000 miles away,

but I’m still here today.


Humming the tune on the radio this week

flashed back all those memories.

I wonder if you think of me

’cause love is all I need.


Music is my magical time machine.

Just one chord can recapture the scenes.

I just wish the song would never end.

I need you back in my hands, not my paper and pen.

8 comments on “Not my paper and pen

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  3. Mabel Kwong
    March 11, 2017

    Lovely poem about love and loss. A song can certainly bring back so many memories, especially if you share that song with someone. “Music is my magical time machine.” It is mine too. Sometimes I play a song over and over again to replay good moments back in my head just so I can relive them. Some can call it delusional, but it is my happy place 🙂

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    • fluffysteps
      March 13, 2017

      Definitely not delusional! I replay songs all the time for that exact reason. I feel like once I’ve associated a song with something or someone, hearing it each time triggers those memories.

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  6. multitudeofmythoughts
    April 19, 2017

    Ahhh…the last line describes everything…too good.

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