A Glimpse into My Journey

One step at a time.

The persistent passion…

Daily Prompt: passionate


The flashing fire in the soul. 🔥

The luminous lightbulb in the brain. 💡

The kindled candle in the heart. 🕯

The blaring bursts in the sky. 💥

The persistent passion that perished to pieces, though I tried. 🍂

9 comments on “The persistent passion…

  1. Mabel Kwong
    September 19, 2016

    What a bittersweet poem. I love it. Sometimes when we try our hardest it might not be enough to get us where we want to be. But all in all, it makes us a stronger person. Love this sunset shot. Amazing sky, amazing colours, amazing capture 🙂

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    • fluffysteps
      September 20, 2016

      Thanks! 🙂 Yes, exactly. Sometimes we try our best, but our best just isn’t good enough. But life goes on. Just gotta keep going.

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  2. Serendipitous Web Life. : )
    September 19, 2016

    Beautiful photo! I love sky pictures, they are magical moments! I hope you have a wonderful week! : )

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    • fluffysteps
      September 20, 2016

      Thanks! I love taking pictures of the sky, it’s never the same shot. Hope your week is going well!


  3. writeshefali
    September 19, 2016

    Passion can burn you too…nice lines 👍👌🏼

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  4. Ngobesing Romanus
    September 20, 2016

    The best one can do is one’s best. Results are often beyond us.

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