A Glimpse into My Journey

One step at a time.

Forbidden fate


I’ve always laid my eyes on you,

ever since third grade in school.

Your lame jokes, impeccable eyes, flawless smile,

stole my heart for more than just a while.


You confessed to me I was your first crush,

but you’d already moved on to your third love.

I revealed to you on messenger I’ve loved you from the very start,

then I lied to you, said I was kidding, breaking my own heart.


Each time your laugh drew near,

it was angelic music to my ears.

I eagerly listened and waited, down or excited,

praying this would never end unrequited.


I was always a year late.

Perhaps this signals our forbidden fate.

Graduation flew by in a day,

so reluctantly I parted my own way.


We both grew up and chose separate roads,

but seeing you last Monday made my long suppressed feelings unfold.

I hope you know even after all these years,

you are still the one my heart holds dear.

2 comments on “Forbidden fate

    November 22, 2016

    Heart touching!
    It is really hard to forget the first infatuation(whatever name one may give) especially at times when we come across that person unexpectedly.Its like re- experiencing the past and the moments spent together!

    Liked by 1 person

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