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(Nonexistent) Perfection


I’ve already written a post about imperfection, but I want to write one on today’s prompt, perfection.  This time, I want to talk about our perception of our physical appearance.

There was a time when I would obsess over my body, my physical appearance, and how others would think of the way I looked.  I looked at every single nutrition label available, and if it wasn’t already there, I would look it up.  I tried to eat only the “healthiest” foods, in addition to exercising daily, in order to achieve the body I desired.  Ironically, my attempt to be “healthy” altered my body into a very poor health status, along with a very unhealthy mindset.  I was never overweight to begin with.  As my weight dropped, so did my health and my self-esteem.  There was no aspect of health or happiness beyond my empty eyes.

I thought I was following the “perfect” diet, with the “perfect” exercise routine, but it was far from it.

Eventually, I pulled myself out of this terrible, perfectionistic state of mind.  I’ve come to realize that one cannot achieve perfection, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.  I’ve learned to embrace my flaws, and in doing so, I’ve become a much happier person.

I hope you will join me in this journey that is full of flaws and mistakes, yet full of adventure and excitement.

Remember this: Nobody’s perfect.  No body’s perfect.

2 comments on “(Nonexistent) Perfection

  1. calmkate
    January 22, 2017

    Excellent advice!

    Liked by 1 person

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