A Glimpse into My Journey

One step at a time.

The six letters of health


H: Happiness

Behind the lean, toned body

could lie a deep, dark story.

Wealth, physique, company,

but without a single smile,

how can one still have health?

E: Energy

Catching breaths in every step,

everyday tasks becoming hardships,

barely creeping out of the blanket of fog.

Without strength, grasp, movement,

how can this be health?

A: Altogether

Hidden in the corner of the white box,

Silence, grief, nothingness.

The absence of voice, people, noise.

Maybe it is peace,

but is this health?

L: Love

Eager to see him,

with the blush on my cheeks.

My heart beats for every thought of him.

Waking up, treating my body kindly, all because of him.

He brings me health.

T: Today

Not waiting for the next moment,

or lingering on 2015.

Appreciating the gifts of the present.

Here and now, often taken for granted.

This is health.

H: Hope

Nothing is set in stone.

Permanence is only what you make of it.

Current sorrow can bring greater gratitude.

The light continues to shine in the distance.

We can all gain health.


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